Valensole plateau

Valensole has been able to conserve its character and charm typical of Haute Provence villages. Some believe Valensole comes from ‘vallis’ and ‘solis’ meaning the valley of sun. Specialties are lavender, cereals, fruit trees and truffle.

You feel right in the middle of Provence when surrounded by an ocean of lavender fields.

Gréoux les bains (‘Grèus’)

Gréoux les bains is one of the main spa town in Provence alongside with Digne les Bains and Aix en Provence. You’ll be delighted by the sun and gentle lifestyle typical of Provence.

You can enjoy the thermal baths in the amazing antique style spa complex with garden and fountains. Called the ‘romantic Verdon oasis’ by Jean Giono, this spa town is nested in the middle of very diverse surroundings and will be the ideal place for healthy and family breaks.

Moustiers Sainte Marie (‘Mostiers Santa Maria’ or ‘Moustié Santo Mario’

This hillside village, at the start of the Verdon Gorges, has been listed one of the prettiest village in France and is renowned worldwide for its delicate ceramics.

From the Regain Hotel complex discover:

Durance Valley


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