Sports Facilities

Regain Hotel complex is renowned for its outstanding sports facilities and that’s why some sports students are all year round members.

Outdoor Facilities:

2 football and rugby pitches

The two pitches are within the complex, 1 minute walk from rooms and self-service restaurant, which makes organising training easier.

They have many soccer and rugby goal posts for training or regular matches.

Football and rugby pitch ‘Honneur’

Half Football and rugby pitch for training

Athletics track

The 400 metres track is around the ‘Honneur’ football and rugby pitch, near the rooms and self-service restaurant.

Tennis court

Sports groups can use the outdoor tennis court that is on the Regain Hotel complex site. On request, you can also use the public tennis courts, adjoining the complex.

Outdoor Tennis court

Indoor sports facilities

Type C gym (1000 m²)

The gym is near the football and rugby pitches.  1000 m²large, it allows for any indoor sport: basketball, volleyball, handball, judo, tennis, table tennis, badminton etc.

It has large changing rooms and 400 people terraces.

Type C Gym

Cardio room

Located inside the Hotel Regain, close by all accommodation and self-service restaurant, the cardio room has the latest equipment:

  • one treadmill
  • two rowing machines
  • two exercise bikes
  • two elliptical bikes

All the above are ideal for warming before training and for endurance and/or resistance sessions.

Cardio room

Body-building and dojo room

The body-building room is located inside the gymnasium. It includes all necessary equipment for body-building sessions. If needed, it can be converted into dojo.


Sports guests staying at the Regain hotel complex will also have access, during summer, to the public swimming-pool in Sainte Tulle. Even though it’s not located within the complex, it is only a 5 minutes walk on a little path to get there.

This outdoor swimming-pool has a big pool and two smallest pools designed for aquagym and leisure activities.


More information on other services for sports groups