Food for athletes

Regain Hotel complex provides a broad range of catering options for athletes groups. Self-service restaurant or traditional catering will offer suitable food in accordance with training requirements.

Athlete Menus

Our catering team will suggest athlete menus but we can also work with your staff to prepare menus based on your needs.

See below examples of menus served to athletes staying at the complex:

Menu 1

Mixed salad (crab, cheese, citrus fruit, wheat)

Blanquette of veal


Dairy product

Fruit basket

Menu 2


Grilled steak


Tomato ‘provençale’

Dairy Product

Baked pear

Menu 3


Grilled salmon

Mushroom risotto

Dairy product

Fruit salad

Self-service restaurant and complex restaurant

All athlete meals, from continental breakfast, snack, lunch to dinner, are served in the self-service restaurant or the complex restaurant, close to the sports facilities and rooms. You can also enjoy our outside area, which can host up to 100 people.

Private rooms (extra cost)

You can also have your meals in a private room where guests will be served. This option is ideal when athletes need a bit of quietness before a competition to concentrate and prepare.

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