Cadarache Hotel

2 star hotel near Cadarache

Located in Sainte Tuile, 4 kilometres away from Manosque and with easy access from the A51 motorway (exit Manosque), Regain Hotel complex has 79 2 star rooms and self-service restaurants.

Only 23 kilometres and 19 minutes away from Iter and CEA Cadarache sites, it offers packages for corporate customers as well as many seminar and training rooms.

Advantages of the Regain Hotel complex

  • Private and secured car park
  • Bike and bicycle garage
  • Free Wifi connection
  • Sports facilities:
  • – Cardio and body-building room

    – Tennis court

    – Outdoor public swimming-pool beside the complex (free for our individual customers)

    – 1000 m² gymnasium

    – Football and rugby pitches

  • 16 hectares park

The ideal Hotel for CEA Cadarache contractors

Its peaceful environment and its services combined with the proximity of the Cadarache site makes the complex the perfect place to host CEA Cadarache employees and visitors.

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